An Airtight Home Makes the Front Page

An Airtight Home Makes the Front Page

Ruth Mandl and Bobby Johnston, co-owners of the architecture firm CO Adaptive, purchased and renovated a classic brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, to align with Passive House standards. It’s perhaps newsworthy that this is not an uncommon occurrence in and of itself these days - but the skill and beauty demonstrated in this historic make-over, made it truly newsworthy, so much so that it appeared on the cover of The Sunday New York Times Real Estate Section, September 29.

Our New York rep, Nick Shaw, was able to work closely with the owner-architects and the contractors at LB General Contracting, in support of their efforts to achieve high-performance results.

The NY Times article highlights the airtight aspect, the comfort, and in particular, the acoustic comfort. The journalist, Tim McKeough, even takes care to note the INTELLO membrane used to achieve the airtight enclosure. While not in the article, the team also installed a LAMILUX daylight system, the only Passive House certified skylight in North America. And if you’re interested in staying in a Passive House, the article shares that the ground floor is an Airbnb.

To learn more about this labor of love, read the feature in the New York Times!

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