Gramercy Passive House

On-Site with ChoShields Studio

In Cho, principal of the New York architecture firm ChoShields Studio, gave us a thorough rundown of the firm’s recently completed Passive House project in the Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan. The gut renovation of this 1900's masonry building only would be a challenge, but the introduction of Passive House standards would have sent some architects running. In Cho and her team exhibited artistry and tenacity bringing this project to life. This project proves that even the most challenging cases can be retrofitted to Passive House standards. They took on the melding of many construction types: wood frame, historic masonry, light gauge steel, and heavy gauge steel. By sharing these experiences In imparts the techniques she and her team used to address party wall stability issues, add a story and a half vertical expansion, solve for thermal bridging, and ensure airtightness between neighboring buildings. The new building has a beautiful, modern finish, and the Passive House design is already demonstrating high degrees of comfort and energy efficiency in its first year of occupancy. We congratulate everyone at ChoShields Studio for their incredible efforts.

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In The Cart

  • TESCON VANA for flat taping of membranes and transitions between materials
  • TESCON Primer RP for ensuring proper tape connections to masonry
  • EXTOSEAL ENCORS for water-bearing sill connections under window & door frames
  • SOLITEX MENTO Plus for creating continuity of the air barrier between floors, embedded in concrete and weaved behind beams
  • LAMILUX FE ENERGYSAVE PHI certified custom high performance triple pane skylight

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