January 19, 2016

West Coast Make It Tight Tour – February 22 – 26, 2016

475 is taking its Building Enclosures Airtightness Training – Make It Tight – to the West Coast from the 22nd to the 26th of February. Here are the dates, locations are links to get your tickets:

Portland, OR – February 22, 2016

Seattle, WA – February 23, 2016

Vancouver, BC, Canada – February 26, 2016

This four hour comprehensive training will introduce attendees to building airtightness and air sealing and allow them to gain detailed knowledge about:

  1. Why an air barrier is critical to high-performance construction – with an in-depth discussion of the supporting building science.Joist Sealing From energy efficiency to health to prevention of moisture damage, the essential importance of airtightness is one of the best kept secrets in construction today and this session will unravel the myths and provide clear explanations.
  2. What is an air barrier and what are air barrier standards today – including a comprehensive look at the materials and components used in making air barriers.  From sheathing, to membranes, caulking, tapes and gaskets, there is a growing array of products to choose from and we’ll discuss them all and how they can help hit the airtightness numbers you need and keep it that way.
  3. How to design an air barrier – uncovering the complete process and critical decisions needed to optimize chances for success.  Should the air barrier be outboard or inboard; how are the walls connected to the roof; what design decisions will make airtightness easier to achieve or harder.  How do the materials and components go together and how to describe it in a way that helps the contractor make the airtight system a reality on site.
  4. How to construct and test an air barrier – describing implementation of design with real world examples of both new build and retrofit construction.   We’ll see what is working well and what is not for different construction types.   Then look at the tools and methods for testing airtightness and delivering quality assurance.

The Make It Tight training is approved for 4 AIA LU|HSW credits and (certification pending) BPI CEU’s.

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