June 14, 2017

Wall Street Journal Hears Passive House Buzz in New York

WSJ croped IMG_20170612_075607The Wall Street Journal article, titled online, Striving for Energy-Efficiency in New York, by journalist Keiko Morris, captures the magnitude of the sea change in Passive House building, in a quote by 475’s own Ken Levenson:

In 2010, the New York region had about 50,000 square feet of passive-design building projects planned, said Ken Levenson, founding board member of New York Passive House, a nonprofit organization that provides education and promotes passive-design methods and principles. Today he estimates well over 3.5 million square feet of passive-design projects are in the pipeline.

This is a growth rate that even a hard-nosed Wall Street trader can appreciate.

New large scale mixed use affordable housing developments by the Bluestone Organization in Queens, Jonathan Rose & Companies in Manhattan are noted examples, with the Cornell Tech high-rise dormitory recognized as the leader of the pack – soon to be the worlds tallest and biggest Certified Passive House – located in Manhattan.

The change in scale and complexity, from what had been relatively modest efforts to these giants,  is newsworthy as this attention shows.  In our presentation Notes From New York: Lessons From a Growing Market, we lay out some of the foundational elements – including regular local Passive House conferences, like NYPH17 happening June 16th – we think have been useful in building an ecosystem that supports this kind of growth and speaks to the important idea of “normalization”.   As Ken closes the article:

“I honestly believe it will become normal within 10 years in New York,”

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