March 5, 2012

VOC free Air Sealing with Pro Clima

Pro Clima and Four Seven Five are obsessed not just with air sealing but doing it in a healthy and sustainable manner.   Critical to this effort are products with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that off-gas.  All Pro Clima tapes and membranes are free of solvents, VOCs and softners.  Our most popular primer, TESCON Primer RP is also VOC free.

Pro Clima’s commitment is exemplified in its products approval and use by the Setinel-Haus Institut of Freiburg, Germany, a world leader in “sustainable health-conscious and allergy friendly constructing”.

“Sentinel-Haus® Institut (SHI) is intended to represent the sentinel of a building who protects it against unwanted pollutants or building damages.”
Case studies that conform to the very strict IAQ requirements and have been tested include. HealthyIndoorAirThese projects and data are shown on their project page. Projects using Pro Clima products include:

Because Pro Clima products allow you to build a long lasting airtight envelope which maximizes drying potential and protection from moisture damage such as mold and rot, in a way that is not dependent on foams, chemicals and toxins, Pro Clima air-sealing systems enable the builder and owner to design and construct high-performance and Passive House level building envelopes that create healthy and comfortable indoor climates.

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