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Product Specifications

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Liquid-applied air barrier for robust connections, pitched windows sills and other detailing. VISCONN can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on as a liquid film and forms a seamless, elastic, air and vapor variable membrane once dry. Use appropriate safety protection when using airless sprayer.


2.5 Gallons (10 L)/ container
Coverage per container:
~125ft² when applied with brush
~170ft2 when applied with airless sprayer
[coverage dependent upon applied thickness]


  • Time-saving airsealing of difficult junction because of airless spray/brush application
  • Reliable bonding thanks to excellent adhesive properties on all standard construction surfaces
  • Can be plastered/painted over, Pro Clima adhesive tapes can be bonded onto it (and can be sprayed over all TESCON/CONTEGA Pro Clima tapes)
  • Appropriate for interior and exterior areas shielded from UV/direct weather exposure thanks to its vapor-variability
  • Excellent values in the hazardous substance test, has been tested according to the AgBB evaluation scheme / ISO 16000
  • Available in two color options: one that is blue when wet and dries black to confirm drying, one that is white when both wet or dry


  • Apply to walls, ceilings and floor surfaces, such as non-plastered masonry, CMU, wood sheathing, fiberboard, joists or joist bays
  • Reliably fills gaps of 1/8"; deeper joints or thick coats result in longer cure times
  • Highly porous/uneven materials require 2 or more coats for reliable coverage/airsealing
  • It may be necessary to apply more than one coat in the case of uneven or rough subsurfaces


  • Material: Aqueous acrylic dispersion
  • Temperature Resistance: -40°F to 176°F
  • Perm Rating: 0.5 perms (6.11m ±0.6 m) at 11 mils (0.3 mm) thickness EN 1931
  • Vapor Variability Range:  0.33 to 25 perms (0.13 – 10.00 m) ISO 12572
  • Because of viscosity, recommended airless sprayers: Graco classic-hiboy 390,395, 490,495, GX21ProX and XForce HD with 3/17. 3/19 or 3/25 tips
  • UV/weather Resistance: 3 months of exposure