June 19, 2016

Urban Green Presents GPRO: Homes – Classes Continue July 28th

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If you are a home building professional in New York, Urban Green Council in NYC has a new GPRO resource, GPRO: Homes. GPRO: Homes is an entry-level course, targeting a wide range of professionals – focused on residential construction, consisting of 1-4 family, low rise-homes. The course covers sustainable construction manage practices, and strategies to increase energy efficiency, pass energy code inspections, and secure a healthy bottom line.  The course outline is extensive and multi-disciplinary, covering sustainability in home construction from several angles, start to finish.

475 is committed not only to providing critical materials, but also the essential knowledge to build successful high performance buildings. We are proud 475 co-founder, Ken Levenson, participated as a member of the GPRO: Homes Advisory Committee.

Classes continue July 28th and run through September. Available at 80% discounted rates thanks to NYSERDA. Find out more and sign-up HERE.


Urban Green, GPRO Homes

In addition to Homes, GPRO currently has
several other course offerings:thhardhat


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