Eric Whetzel
The 475 products and website have been invaluable to us. It's only because such resources are available now in the US that we're even trying to build "green".
Ed Latson
Longfellow Builders & Co.
I'll tell you what I greatly respect about all of you is: your no nonsense attitude; your challenge of the sacred cows in this profession (foam insulations--for one); your wit and humor........and, your overwhelming generosity in teaching us, showing us and doing it right. I am a big fan of Neil May-the Brit- and his mantra of 'People First" (not fabric first---the UK gov't policy)--you guys sit right up there with Neil and Co.
Tim Johnson
in Wisconsin
"Best damn website I've found on the internet."
Jacob Deva Racusin
New Frameworks Natural Design/Build
Pro Clima's selection of tapes are terrific, and have clearly been engineered to fit the needs of the high-performance building. The pre-perforated tapes, such as Profil, save valuable time and reduce hassle in the field, allowing for a higher quality installation. The quality of the adhesive is outstanding, even over time and exposed to the elements during construction. I appreciate that Pro Clima offers a tape for virtually every application - butyl tapes, window pans, high-flex tapes, tear-able paper-backed tapes, double-sided tapes, and of course their outdoor all-purpose tapes. It is a big help to be able to source the majority of our air barrier supplies from a single manufacturer!
Chris Corson
Technical Director/ Owner
EcoCor Design/Build
"The LUNOS e² has become our go-to for retrofit applications. We even use this system in in new construction projects for whole house balanced mechanical ventilation. I installed four pair in a Passive House Retrofit of my own home as well, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed living with these babies. They are easy to install, they are quiet, the air quality is superb, and the heat recovery is impressive."
Jeremy Shannon
Build with Prospect, Brooklyn, NY
“The Lamilux skylights give us a new level of performance that we just haven’t seen before. Glazing is a critical part of Passive House design. As an architect, I can’t risk installing a skylight that hurts the building’s thermal envelope or that causes my clients problems down the line.”
Scott Hesser
"We are very happy with the performance of the Lunos e². The house is very tight and before the units went in we could easily smell what we had for dinner – four nights prior. Things have greatly improved. Aside from fresh air, the units have been very efficient. There is no apparent cooling of the rooms and we never feel any sense of a draft. The lower setting is perfect most of the time and if we are doing a lot of cooking, or have company over, I turn it up to high."
Peter Schneider
Energy Consultant
Efficiency Vermont
While I’ve unsubscribed to most newsletters due to their lack of valuable information, the 475 newsletter has proven itself time and again. Each issue has a mix of the latest advancements in building science and technologies, high performance construction, notes from symposiums and conferences worldwide and upcoming events. This is a great resource. Thank you.

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