from $32.14 /box of 25
/box of 25
from $32.14 /box of 25

Product Specifications

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For repairing large holes and covering blow-in slits in membranes and OSB/Plywood.


7″ x 7″ (18 cm x 18 cm)


  • Can efficiently seal blow in openings made for dense packing insulation installation
  • The large release-paper tabs make patches easy and fast to apply
  • Best in class all-around airtight tape, PHI certified Class A, third party tested for 100-year adhesion
  • Pressure activated adhesive bond grows stronger over time, allows for easy tape repositioning pre-pressurization
  • Waterproof, rated for 6 months exposure, yet vapor-open at 8 perms


  • Bonds to Pro Clima materials, SOLID wood surfaces, polyethylene, metal, foil, house wraps and sheathing
  • In combination with TESCON Primer RP, adheres to soft/porous wood insulation panels, concrete, sheetrock, rough OSB and brick


  • Perm Rating: Perm 8 (Sd value:0.4m) for enhanced outward drying potential.
  • Release paper: split release paper, for easy application on two side of seams, inside corners, etc.
  • Adhesive: durable waterproof tape adhesion (SOLID acrylic adhesive).
  • UV/weather Resistance: 6 months of exposure.
  • Polypropylene backing forms itself to slightly uneven substrates.
  • NBC 2015 - 5.4.1 Air Barrier Systems: Passed air leakage <0.02 L/(s·m²) @75 Pa (ASTM E2178)