March 2, 2015

Tescon Profil’s New Look

profilbeforeafterThanks to your feedback, our best-selling window tape, Tescon Profil, has a new look.

Customers tell us they love using Tescon Profil to easily make airtight connections to window frames, door openings, wood framing (joist, beams,studs) and steel profiles. We also heard that, on the building sites, it was easy to confuse this tape with our flat-seam-sealing standard: Tescon Vana. They’re both air sealing tapes, the same size, and the same color. We passed along this feedback to the Pro Clima HQ in Germany and they responded by producing Tescon Profil in a new distinct color.

As you can see below with them installed side by side, confusing Tescon Profil and Tescon Vana should now be a thing of the past.




Of course despite the new look, the new Tescon Profil will continue to deliver all the benefits you’ve come to expect:TesconProfil2015-300x200

  • Waterproof solid acrylic adhesive, designed for both interior and exterior use and age tested for > 100 years durability
  • Made of stretchable polypropylene fleece adding protection against piercing in corners and creating an excellent bond with uneven substrates.
  • 3 strips of siliconized PE release paper allowing you to activate a single part of the adhesive surface. This unique feature makes it easy to seal corners precisely, delivering airtight connections and waterproof seals at corners, window-frames and beams
  • UV/weather resistant for 6 months giving you the freedom to use it according to your schedule.

Thanks, as always, for the feedback. Your experiences on the project site are important to hear, so please keep it coming and connect with us through TwitterFacebook, or our contact page.

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