from $23.25 /gauge
from $23.25 /gauge


Because it is at risk of freezing, Stego Mastic cannot be transported through low temperatures for extended periods of time.

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Product Specifications


Stego® Mastic is a liquid-applied vapor retardant membrane, designed to be used in conjunction with StegoHome® vapor barriers and retarders to create a quality installation that greatly resists the ingress of moisture and other gases. It can be used for sealing utility, pipe penetrations, and terminating edges when used in conjunction with Stego® Tape or StegoTack® Tape.


- 20-ounce sausage tubes

- One case of STEGO Mastic contains 12 sausages

Physical Properties

  • Tensile/Elongation, ASTM D412: 32 psi, 3860%
  • Resistance to Decay, ASTM E154: 10% perm loss
  • Permeance, ASTM E96: 0.17 perms
  • Hydostatic Water Pressure, ASTM D751: 28 psi
  • Adhesion to Concrete & Masonry, ASTM C836: 7 lbf/in2
  • Hardness, ASTM C836: No cracking
  • Low Temp Flexibility, ASTM C836: No cracking


  • Time-saving aid in achieving an ASTM E1643 installation
  • Sausage Tube feature allows for Stego® Mastic to be used with a mastic applicator (sausage) gun, for a more precise application
  • Ideal for sealing multiple pipe penetrations in close proximity and small pipe penetrations
  • Water-based, trowel-grade asphaltic emulsion
  • Made in the USA

Additional Benefits

  • Alternative to boots for pipe penetrations in StegoHome®
  • Quickly seals around penetrations, especially pipe clusters
  • Certified Low-VOC Emissions (Certified Clean Air GOLD)