from $639.60 /roll
from $639.60 /roll
10' wide rolls must ship by pallet: min order=3
Minimum Purchase :
3 units
size 1-19 per pallet (20)
Double-wide - 118" x 164' $639.60 Contact for quote

Product Specifications



Reinforced, airtight, 4-ply, vapor open, weather resistive barrier and roof underlayment. This highly durable membrane is designed to replacing sheathing, and can be used as netting for dense-packing insulation. Great protection for vented facades and roofs under construction, excellent durability for prefab panels


  • Actively vapor open, monolithic layer of TEEE film is also extremely waterproof and airtight
  • Can be used without exterior sheathing in vented rainscreens and roofs
  • Very robust, used as temporary roofing and wall protection when taped with TESCON VANA
  • No leaks because of tenting effect or wood tannins, unlike microporous membranes - The MENTO difference
  • 10 year comprehensive Pro Clima warranty

Dimensions:  108" x 164' (3.00 x 50 m)
Roll area: 1614 SF (150 m2)


  • Material: non-porous TEEE functional membrane
  • Durability: Covered by two PP protection fleeces and includes reinforcement grid
  • Water column: Resist over 8' (2.5 m) of water column to ensure protection from the elements
  • Perm Rating: 38 perms (Sd-value 0.05 m) for enhanced outward drying potential
  • Fire rating: Class A material per ASTM E84 test (0 FS, 85 SDI)
  • UV/weather Resistance: Temporary roofing/weatherproofing of façade and roof for up to 4 months - certified by ZVDH (German roofing assoc)
  • Artificial aging: Pass long-term testing per DIN EN 1297 / DIN EN 1296