Rotary Switch for LUNOS

from $48.80 /switch
from $48.80 /switch

Product Specifications


This rotary switch was developed by 475 to offer straightforward control of the LUNOS e2 or ego.


Plate: 4 1/2" (115 mm) x 1/2" (115 m) for 2 gang switch box

Knob: 1 1/2" (115 mm) diameter x 5/8(16 mm) wide


  • Simple 4-position rotary dial for each of the 4 ventilation settings
  • Easy to install and connect to LUNOS controllers
  • Aesthetically pleasing replacement for double-rocker switches
  • Decal simply illustrates flow rate at each knob position


  • Knob position: 12 o'clock = Off
  • Knob position: 1 o'clock = Low
  • Knob position: 2 o'clock = Med
  • Knob position: 3 o'clock = High
  • Rotating from Low to Med and back to Low again (within 3 seconds) will put the system into summer vent mode (ventilation without heat recovery). Repeat those actions to transition out of summer vent mode, back to heat recovery mode.