November 4, 2015

Reflections from the NW EcoBuilding Guild’s Green Building Slam 2015

The lights dim and the first slide appears. The audience at this sold-out event of almost 500 attendees quiets and awaits the welcome address. The diverse mix includes architects, builders, students, and homeowners gathered to watch 10 presentations telling the Northwest’s best green building stories of 2015, each story told in 10 minutes using 10 slides.

As Master of Ceremonies, I have the distinct honor of delivering a short keynote to set the context for what is to unfold over the next two hours at the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild’s annual Green Building Slam. I comfortably played this role last year; however, I am a bit nervous now since I am going to bring my 9-month-old daughter onto stage with me. As I am being introduced, my mind drifts off to thoughts of my own context:

The themes for this year’s event are (1) love and (2) the future.

How can I better represent those concepts than through showing why I am driven each day to spread the gospel of building science and high performance building? My daughter, more than anything else, provides me with love, with hope, and with the drive to create a better future.

I am so excited to join 475 since they offer some of the best products to make buildings more comfortable, durable, healthy, and efficient. Combined with thought leadership and continuous education for clients, 475 is truly able to help create a better world.

Beyond love and the future, the only other common thread of all ten projects is durability through best practices in air and water management.. I know that I can do my part by leading others to use our approach, where air and vapor control reign as king. I know working with 475 will be a great contribution towards creating buildings that will minimize their impact, maximize their performance, and therefore enable them to last for many generations to come.

So, with a deep breath, I lovingly pick up my daughter and walk onto stage. For a half second, she is a bit shocked to be under all the lights and in front of all the faces. But she smiles, and they smile, and I begin my speech.  Hazel hugs my face and the audience understands love and the future.


Lucas, and his 9-month-old daughter Hazel, kicking off the Green Building Slam! Photo Credit: Megan Carney


Please Note: professional photos and a video should be released in a few weeks. We will post a follow-up blog with the video of my keynote discussing love and the future.  Along with the video, or as a separate post, we will also provide more detail re: content of the presentations and how it relates to 475 products/goals.

Update: More photos below, video still to come!





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