August 21, 2015

Question of the Week – Aug 21, 2015

Welcome back to our Question of the Week Series.

This week, we helped a customer in Virginia understand considerations of humidity control while using the Lunos HRV system.


The question:


Do you know if the Lunos eGO can be hooked up to a humidistat that can be purchased at a place like Home Depot? Finally, are you aware of any options to hook it up to a pressure sensor? Specifically, to hook the intake fan up to a pressure sensor so that when you run something like your dryer, the eGo’s intake fan comes on automatically?”

We’re having some trouble hooking up our Lunos eGo to the standard Leviton IPHS5 humidistat. Primarily because the Universal Controller only allows 12 volts out, and the Leviton requires a standard 120v. Are you aware of any low-voltage humidistats that would work with the eGo? I couldn’t find anything on the foursevenfive website.


Our answer:


Yes, you can hook the eGO up to a humidistat – it will autorestart when it gets powered at the flow you had set it at.

I would not hook it up to a pressure sensor or try to combine it with a dryer – the eGO’s flow rates are much smaller than what a dryer would exhaust (200CFM +), so it is better to provide make up air with a motorized damper or the like.
You can have the humidity interrupt the power to the transformer. This will turn the eGO off when the humidistat does not call for ventilation, which means at that time the eGO no longer provides heat recovery ventilation.
Lunos TAC

We would always recommend to have the eGO running in HRV mode, and not turn it off. 

Alternatively, you can purchase a Lunos touch air controller, which will allow you to have it respond to humidity, program flowrates etc.


In summary:

The Lunos eGO is designed to provide constant heat recovery ventilation.  While it is possible to combine the eGO with a humidistat, the effect will be less fresh air ventilation.  We think it’s best to keep these units running constantly, especially in a tight enclosure.  This is not only because the eGO operates at such low power consumption, but also because the heat recovery only works after a 70 second cycle, so if the humidistat is only kicking the fan on for a short period, you may introduce unwanted cold air into the enclosure, thus increasing the heat demand inside.  So generally, we either advise sacrificing this control for constant heat recovery, or using a control that’s designed to work with the system.  For more information on our touch air controller from Lunos, see here or contact us.


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**Please note that in republishing our question of the week, we sometimes edit the text of the original question and response in order to provide additional clarity to the issue.**
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