PURISTA Frameless Series

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For Units >20-25 SF:
● Fixed units from $52/SF
● Operable units from $94/SF

Pricing is an approximation only. Formal quotes will be priced according to drawings and customizations to reflect project-specific demands.

All Optiwin windows are available in Custom Dimensions and Fully supported by 475 for best performing installation detailing (thermal bridges/airsealing).

Product Specifications

The PURISTA is a Passive-House Certified series with aluminum-clad wood windows, durable Roto hardware, available in several wood and finish options. The PURISTA offers a sleek design, minimizing the frames with this proverbial “frameless” build, maximizing views and leading to a seamless transition into walls, with a modern, timeliness design. Frames are optimized for over-insulation and smooth thermal-bridge free installation into walls.


  • Class A Passive House certification
  • Frame width: 3 5/8" (92 mm)
  • Gaskets: 4
  • Suitable for low energy and Passive house in most USA climate zones
  • Narrow frames that are optimized for over-insulation in high R-walls
  • Customizable high or low SHGC
  • Available in spruce (standard), oak, fir, pine, larch, and “reclaimed” wood
  • Options for hardware, insect screens, alu-sills and interior/exterior finishes
  • Foam-free frames insulated with wood fiberboard
  • Exterior finish: available in any RAL ( color of your choice
  • Interior finish: available in a variety of opaque or stained finishes, RAL colors or primed to be finished on-site
  • Options for hardware, insect screens, alu-sills and roller shutters, electric motors
  • Optiwin windows are foam-free and fully recyclable to avoid waste


  • Customizable high or low SHGC (30-40-50)
  • Uwindow: 0.114 Btu/h ft2 F (0.64 W/m2K)
  • Uglass: 0.088 Btu/h ft2 F (0.5 W/m2K)
  • Super Spacer: 0.013 Btu/h ft2 F (0.023 W/m2K)