TESCON VANA Patch (box of 25)


For repairing large holes and covering blow-in slits in membranes and OSB/Plywood. >> Read More

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Premade patches for interior and exterior use – maximum weather exposure 6 months

• The large release-paper tabs make patches easy and fast to apply
• Form fitting and flexible fleece backing – nice to work with and easy on hands
• To efficiently seal blow in openings made for densepacking insulation installation
• Works on both membranes (INTELLO Plus, DB+, SOLITEX MENTO Plus) as well as wood based sheathing (OSB, Plywood, wood fiberboard with TESCON Prmer RP)
• Durable, waterproof and airtight per DIN 4108-7
• SOLID Acrylic water proof adhesive (age-resistant, solvent-and VOC-free)
• $1.18 per patch


  • Size: 7″ x 7″ (18 cm x 18 cm)
  • Download Links:

  • TESCON VANA Patch Product Specification (PDF)
  • TESCON VANA Patch Product Specification (PDF)
  • Tight Historic Masonry Rowhouse Renovation by Caliper Studio
  • Project Spotlight – INTELLO Plus with “Integrated Service Cavity” in Leicester VT
  • 475 On-Site: Vapor-Open Straw Bale with Vermont Natural Homes
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