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Prepare substrates for greater adhesion

Use with wood, OSB, plywood, brick, concrete, or any rough or uneven substrate. >>Read More


TESCON PRIMER RP is a primer for wood, OSB, plywood, fibreboard, brick, concrete, roofs, walls and floors to prepare the substrate for the adhesion of Pro Clima TESCON VANA, TESCON PROFIL, EXTOSEAL, CONTEGA SL/EXO as well as the adhesive CONTEGA HF/LINE.


• Time saving, no drying needed – Adhesion can occur directly after application to porous substrates
• Penetrates deep into substrates and reinforces it
• Free of solvents
• Quick drying
• Can be combined with all Pro-Clima tapes and adhesives

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  • Tescon Primer RP Specification (PDF)
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