Black WRB product for under open joint rainscreens, designed with additional UV-exposure resistance. 3-layer reinforced vapor open weather resistant barrier suitable for 6 months of weather exposure. >>Read More

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Solitex Fronta Quattro is a black membrane with black print, for invisible WRB and dark shadow lines behind open joint cladding. Tested ac­cord­ing to EN 13859-2 and bears the CE mark.
This is a 3-layer vapor open, monolithic, extremely waterproof, weather resistant barrier (WRB) suitable for open joint siding. It withstands long term UV exposure of 1 3/8” gaps in rain screen joints – with boards that are minimum 3x as tall as gaps.

• TEEE monolythic vapor open layer, with PP protection fleeces on both sides
• Vapor permeance: 38 Perm (ASTM E96-B), Sd-value < 0.05m (DIN EN 12572)
• Air permeance 0.00004cfm/ft2 – 100x better than the code required threshold for airbarriers
• Withstands temperatures between -40 Fº and 212Fº
• Weather exposure: 6 months
• Thickness 24 mils (0.60 ±0.10 mm)
• Suitable as temporary weatherproofing of façade

For best results use in combination with the black TESCON INVIS tape, which creates a durable exterior airtight layer for your high performance designs


  • Roll width: 59 1/16” (1.50m)
  • Roll length: 164’ 1/2” (50m)
  • Roll area: 807 SF (75 m2)
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