EPDM airsealing gaskets for existing wires

Quick and easy, instant airsealing for existing cables and small pipes that is long-lasting, highly flexible and adaptable. >>Read More

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• Airtight EPDM sleeves with integrate tape for cables and small pipes penetration in airtight layers.
• Airtight sleeves made from EPDM and TESCON VANA.
• Makes quick durable airtight connections to cables, wires or pipes that enter through airtight membranes.
• Pre punctured flexible EPDM provides a tight fitting sleeve, without causing a protruding bulge.
• KAFLEX features integrated adhesive with a release paper (TESCON Vana) for fast and secure application
• Cable remains adjustable after installation
• Good for use with round cables (round romex or BX)
• EPDM gasket that tight seals around pipes and cables
• For air-tight sealing according DIN 4108-7

Note: if using with ‘flat’ romex, make sure there are no depressions in the romex. Twisting romex might compromise seal.

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