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Airtightness, smart vapor control, and dense-pack reinforcement all in one.

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INTELLO Plus is a smart vapor retarder that provides a first class air barrrier for thermal insulation in roofs, walls and floors. More importantly it gives structural systems a previously unachievable degree of protection from structural damage (from condensation), even under extreme climatic conditions, due to its intelligent vapor retarding properties.

For example:
• Vapor closed flat/green-roofs
• Unvented pitched roofs (asphalt shingles, OSB sheathing, valleys covered by ice&water shield)
• Mixed humid climates with cold winters and air-conditioning requirements in summer
• Extreme climates such as in high mountain regions or very cold/arctic conditions

Offers the largest vapor variable range available – it additionally opens up at the right moment


• Perm rate from 13.20 to <0.13 (Sd value from 0.25 m to >25 m)
• Offers high diffusion tightness in winter (<0.13 Perm, protection against condensation)
• Maximum diffusion openness in summer (13.2 Perm, facilitates rapid drying to the interior)
• Especially suitable for structures with lower permeability on the exterior which are difficult to protect from condensation (flat or grass roofs or metal siding/sheathing etc)
• Works with wide range of insulation materials, including fiberglass, BIBS, mineral wool and many others.
• Translucent – allows dense packed blown-in cellulose insulation to be inspected after installation
— Use TESCON VANA Patches to cover holes from blown-in insulation
• Lightweight and easy to install, especially compared to OSB/Plywood
• Fully recyclable
• Air permeance per ASTM E2178 0.00005cfm/ft2
• Class A material per ASTM E84 test (0 FS, 35 SDI)

When exposure of INTELLO Plus to UV and rain can not be avoided/minimized, because of scheduling/design constraints – use INTESANA, which has same smart vapor retarding properties, but is rated for 2 month exterior exposure and is waterproof.

Available roll sizes:

  • 323 sq. ft. – 59″x65.5′ (short roll)
  • 807 sq. ft. – 59″x164′ (regular roll)
  • 1614 sq. ft. – 118″x164′ – XL – folded off center, so you can staple it up, before folding it down
  • Declare Intello

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  • INTELLO Plus Specifications (PDF)
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  • INTELLO Plus installation instructions for wood stud assemblies (PDF)
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  • Install Video
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