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Download of High Performance I-Joist Assemblies

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  • Details for optimizing building airtightness, vapor control, and continuous insulation
  • A comprehensive look at the materials and details required to make new construction I-joist assemblies a success
  • Chapters on the walls, roofs, ground connections and penetrations
  • Fully illustrated with 2-D and 3-D drawings as well as job site photographs
  • Available only in PDF format at this time – 9.7MB file
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  • Download free Construction Details in DWG format
  • Project Spotlight: Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • 475 On-Site: Northern Timbers Construction Boxy But Beautiful (video)
  • Vapor open exterior – without sheathing – maximizes outward drying
  • I-Joist Assemblies CAD file (DWG)
  • 475 On-Site: Bleu Nest in Ramsey, NJ (video)