Havelock Wool – R19 batts


Bag of 12 Batts of R-19 Havelock Wool (R-3.6 per inch) – 48×15.5×5.5″. Covers 60sf  >>Read More

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Sheep have been adapting to severe climatic environments for thousands of years. Over such time, their wool has evolved to offer protection from the elements of each season – hot and cold; damp and dry. Simultaneously, man has come to understand the benefits of wool and created numerous applications for its inherent advantages. Wool’s five follicles and natural crimp, trap air, moisture and harmful chemicals so as to improve air quality while keeping warmth inside during winter and outside over the summer months. Wool is a natural insulator but only minimally applied to living spaces – until now.

Available in both batt and blow-in

• ALL NATURAL – Wool insulation is entirely renewable and sustainable
• MOISTURE CONTROL – Wool naturally manages moisture levels against 65% relative humidity
• FIRE RESISTANT – Wool is inherently known to extinguish after smoldering
• LONG LASTING – Extensive useful life
• NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS – Natural characteristics allow our insulation to be devoid of harmful chemicals
• NOISE REDUCTION – Wool creates acoustic advantages in minimizing airborne sound
• DISPOSAL – Wool insulation can be composted at the end of an extended useful life
• INSTALLATION – Blow-in and batts are installed like other mediums but with no protection required

Havelock Wool Brochure


Introducing Havelock Wool: A Truly Sustainable Insulation

__R-Value____________ Thickness___________ Width_______________ Approx Price / Sq Ft___
• 7.2 2″ 15.5″, 16″ $0.94
• 12.6 3.5″ 15.5″, 16″ $1.66
• 19.8 5.5″ 15.5″, 16″ $2.50

Prices above are for purchase of single bags. For pallet pricing (8 bags or more), custom pricing is possible – please contact info@foursevenfive.com or call 718-622-1600.

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Havelock Wool Brochure

Introducing Havelock Wool: A Truly Sustainable Insulation

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