GUTEX Thermowall GF 40 – 747.0 SF


916” thick | 43 516;” x 23 12”  – 108/pal

Moisture resistant wood fiberboard is very sustainable insulation and weather-resistive-barrier-in-one, for vapor open EIFS assemblies.

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GUTEX Thermowall GF is a moisture resistant wood fiberboard is very sustainable insulation and EIFS substrate-in-one for exterior walls. High quality single-ply construction, tong & groove edges and homogeneous cross section make the board water resistant, highly insulative and windtight.

  • Board R-value: 5.3
  • U-value 0.43 W/mK)
  • Stock thickness: 1 916” (40 mm)
  • Length x width: 60x110cm – 108 boards – 747.0SF
  • Custom orders in bulk possible
  • Perm rating: 44/inch (Sd 0.12m for 40 mm board)
  • The tongue and groove edges mean that boards’ edges do not have to line up with studs in wall and can be freely laid over studs or THERMOSAFE-h. The consistently uniform board dimensions make installation quick and easy, combined with its superior moisture resistance due to hydrophobic treatment (0.5% paraffin). This means that by adding this board on the exterior, the building is clad, weather and wind protected in one step.

    The dry process, means that the boards contain 95% wood, and maximizes the use of this sustainable, recyclable natural resource. It is made in Germany and biologically safe (natureplus® certified), and contains only 4% binder (polyurethane). The board is ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing structures, since it is vapor open , insulative and reduces thermal bridging. Furthermore it’s exceptional specific heat capacity, can help keep the building cool during hot summer days.

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