GUTEX Thermofiber (pallet 21bags at 33lbs)


33lbs bags – 21/pal

Lose wood fibers for blown-in installations – both dense and lose fill. For walls, ceilings and roofs.

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GUTEX Thermosfibre is an ecological loose wood fibre insulation for blow-in installation in vertical or horizontal
cavities and horizontal unenclosed spaces. Can be used as well as densepack insulation in exterior walls or roofs when blown in behind plywood, OSB, ZIP or GUTEX cover boards (MULTIPLEX TOP, ULTRATHERM, THERMOWALL or MULTITHERM) or as lose fill insulation in attics. Since it is product is pure wood fibre (Spruce & Fir) and free of printing ink, plastic or other contaminants


  • R-value: 3.8
  • U-value 0.038 W/mK
  • Self supporting from 1.8 lbs/cf when densepacked
  • Airflow resistivity (kPa*s/m2) >5
  • Bags 15kg/33lbs
  • For full containers please send inquiry via here for Thermosafe-homogen
  • Perm rating: >100/inch
  • Inheretn elasticity of the product make installation quick and form fitting. Product contains 91% wood – and remainder is ammonium salt as flame retardant. This maximizes the use of this sustainable, recyclable natural resource. It is made in Germany and biologically safe (natureplus® certified). Thermofibre is ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing structures, since it is very vapor open but hygroscopic. Furthermore it’s exceptional specific heat capacity, can help keep the building cool during hot summer days, if there are cooler nights. Additionally it has excellent sound absorbing qualities and helps regulate humidity. Biologically harmless – can be composted (A2)

    Download Links:

  • GUTEX Thermofibre spec (PDF)
  • GUTEX Thermofibre spec (PDF)
  • FSC Certificate
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