Reinforced Paper-based smart vapor retarder and airsealing-membrane for insulation in between wood studs/joist. Vapor variable perm rating. >>Read More

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• The principle raw material used to produce pro clima DB + is recycled paper which is strengthened with a bi-directional reinforcement layer.
• Most environmentally friendly option for the sustainable house builder.
• As vapor retarder and airsealing membrane in roofs, walls and floors in combination with all fibrous insulation materials (batts, boards).
• Works very well as vapor retarder for mineral wool, fiberglass, BIBS, cotton and sheepswool insulation.
• Reinforced layer allows it to be used as Cellulose blow-in mesh – follow application guidelines for best results – use counter battens to support DB+ to hold in the insulation.
• Vapor variable: from 0.8 perms in dry conditions to 8 perms in humid conditions (sd value 0.4m – 4m)
• Average perm rate 1.43 perm (sd of 2.3m) 


  • Roll width: 4′-5″
  • Roll length: 164′
  • Roll Area: 724 sqft
  • Download Links:

  • DB+ Product Specification (PDF)
  • Application Guide (PDF)
  • DB+ Product Specification (PDF)
  • Application Guide (PDF)
  • DB+ installation guide for dense packing(PDF)
  • 3 part spec – interior air- and vapor control layer (PDF)
  • How to install dense pack cellulose behind INTELLO
  • buildinggreen.com – Smart Vapor retarders not just your grandmother’s poly
  • The Service Cavity – Making Airtight Construction Easy
  • INTELLO & DB+ Approved by DIBt for Use in Unvented Hot Roof Assemblies
  • How to install dense pack cellulose behind INTELLO
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