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Versatile vapor retarding interior airsealing fleece tape

Adheres to masonry without the need for primer. Stretchy, waterproof, vapor retarding, air-sealing tape to connect windows frames and openings to interior air barrier.  >>Read More

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• Vapor retarding fabric (1.2 perms) – Sd-value 2.8m (DIN 12572)
• Adhesive: single-sided (for double-sided option see CONTEGA SOLIDO SL-D)
• The release strips makes it easy to connect at corners and edges
• Great adhesion to masonry, concrete without the need for primer, even at low temperatures
• For taped connections of window- and doorframes and vapor variable airbarriers (INTELLO)
• Fleece side can be plastered over for an airtight and seamless connection, also for straw/plaster construction
• The extra thin fleece allows the tape to be folded in corners and other tight connections


Available roll widths:

  • 3.15” (80mm) 2-strip release at 0.8” (20mm) / 2.35” (60mm)
  • 5.9” (150mm) 3-strip release at 0.8” (20mm) / 2.75” (70mm) / 2.35” (60mm)
  • Roll length: 98’-5” (30 m)

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