Joint adhesive for interior and exterior airtight bonds

Pre-cured adhesive delivered in 65.5 linear feet (20m) rolls in 2 packs. Once pressurized, it requires zero drying time and provides instant, flexible, long-lasting airtightness. – Ships from east coast warehouse
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CONTEGA MULTIBOND is a solvent-free, permanent, elastic, frost-resistant airtight adhesive that is applied from a roll, for bonding all types of vapor retarders and vapor barriers – e.g. pro clima INTELLO, DB+, INTESANA and DA, as well as PE, PA, PP or aluminium sheeting – on cementitious or rough materials, such as masonry, concrete or rough sawn wood in accordance with DIN 4108-7.

Sold in packs, each containing two rolls. Each roll is 10m in length, so each pack contains 65.5 linear feet (20m) on two rolls.

Air-sealing and waterproofing joints in WRB’s, house-wraps and roof underlayments. For SOLITEX MENTO family of products and SOLITEX UM it fulfills the requirements of the ZVDH (German roofers trade). Also for connecting SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO and PENTA to concrete foundations, CMU and stucco.


  • Joint ad­hes­ive for in­teri­or and ex­ter­i­or use
  • Ap­plic­a­tion tem­per­at­ure above 5 °F (-15 °C)
  • Quick, clean and se­cure ap­plic­a­tion straight from a roll
  • No dry­ing time ne­ces­sary, ex­treme ad­hes­ive strength im­me­di­ately, joint is im­me­di­ately air­tight.
  • No clamping batten required when applied on stable substrates.
  • Wa­ter­proof SOL­ID ad­hes­ive free of plas­ti­cisers, VOCs, solvents or emul­gat­ors.
  • Ex­cel­lent val­ues in the haz­ard­ous sub­stance test, has been tested ac­cord­ing to the AgBB eval­u­ation scheme.
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