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Heavy-duty expanding foam tape for windows.

Pre-compressed joint sealing tape for exterior use that is vapor open and resistant to wind driven rain.

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• The pre-compressed tape will fill the joint and within performance range be waterproof and windtight.
• Remains wind driven rain tight. Tested up to 600Pa (EN 1027).
• Long term weather resistant even if materials expand/contract (DIN 18542).
• BG1 quality – vapor permeable at over 6.5 perms.
• One side tape connection for efficient placement above 34 °F.
• Long term temperature resistance -22 to 194 °F, -30 to 90 °C.
• Color – anthracite grey: can be plastered or painted.
• Store dry and cool (34 – 68°F, max 12 months)
• Adhesive with release paper for application to metal, (painted) wood or plastic frames

• Particularly weather-resistant
• BG1 quality
• Resistant to driving rain and open to diffusion
• RAL quality-tested installation
• Large range for all standard joint widths

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