Waterproof, very vapor open, exterior airsealing membrane with 3 adhesive strips for connecting window & door frames to airtight membranes or sheathing. >>Read More

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• The three adhesive strips gives the tape the flexibility to be used before and after installation of the window frame.
• Very watertight, resist more than 8’ ft of water column.
• For taped connections of window- and doorframes and vapor open WRB membranes (SOLITEX MENTO).
• In massive construction (brick or concrete) lose end of tape is adhered with CONTEGA HF.
• Fleece side can be plastered over for an airtight and seamless and waterproof connection, also in EIFS construction.
• Overlap of fleece tape overlap to be adhered with CONTEGA HF or TESCON tape.
• The extra thin (0.3mm, less then 1/64”) fleece allows the tape to be folded in corners and other tight connections.
• Very vapor open fabric (38 perms per ASTM E96) – Sd-value 0.05m (DIN 12572)
• Adhesion by solvent-, VOC- and plasticizer-free, age-resistant, water-resistant solid
adhesive acrylic – waterproof
• Minimum application temp: 15 Fº
• UV-weather exposure: up to 3 months
• Water column over 8.2’ (2.5m)
• Bonding withstands temperatures between -40 Fº and 194 Fº
• Store dry and cool


  • Roll width: 3-38” (85 mm)
  • Roll length: 98’-5” (30 m)
  • Adhesive with release paper – double sided on one edge, single sided on other (widths 3/4”-19 mm)
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  • CONTEGA EXO specifications (PDF)
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