VOC Free, dependable, durable, flexible airtight adhesive – 10 oz. cartridge

All-around interior and exterior caulk for connections between interior or exterior air barriers and/or uneven substrates. >>Read More

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CONTEGA CLASSIC is an all-around adhesive caulk for interior and exterior connections between Vapor retarders (INTELLO, DB+ and other membranes) and uneven substrates and/or difficult junctions. Bond is durable and elastic. Also Works in conjunction with CONTEGA FC, SL, EXO to connect solid or angled connections between different airtight construction materials.

• VOC Free
• Exceptionally high adhesion properties while also remaining elastic.
• Permanently interior adhesion of all Pro Clima membranes and PP-,PE, PA-, and Aluminum foils to substrates (wood, brick, concrete).
• Exterior permanent adhesion of SOLITEX MENTO, WRBs, subroof- und rainscreen membranes and wind/watertight construction components.
• Long term elasticity combined with high strength and resistance to tension
• No permanent clamping needed in most cases.
• Sets in 48 hours to full strength.
• Works on slightly damp substrates, water resistant connection.
• Good for uneven and porous substrates as it forms to, and penetrates into the substrate.
• Available in 10.5oz (300ml) cartridges or 20.3 Oz (600ml) sausages
• Can also be stored below freezing
• Tested and approved by Sentinel-Haus® Institute to meet their stringent standards for healthy buildings
with superb indoor air quality.
• Works on slightly damp substrates, humidity tolerant – Airtight bonds according to DIN 4108-7


  • 3/16” to 1/4” bead from a cartridge (10 oz) will cover 30 to 45 linear ft
  • 3/16” to 1/4” bead from a sausage (20 oz.) will cover 60 to 90 linear ft
  • Coverage in linear ft. will depend on width of bead applied.
    Coverage also subject to roughness of substrate.

    Download Links:

  • Product Specification (PDF)
  • Application Guide (PDF)
  • Product Specification (PDF)
  • Application Guide (PDF)
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