CompaCFoam 200

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Vapor-permeable, high density, versatile EPS insulation material that combines stability with thermal protection. >>Read More


COMPACFOAM is a modern construction and insulation material made from mono-material EPS, which combines stability and thermal insulation with very low dead weight. It is a vapor permeable and versatile construction element that can be cut or drilled as needed to fit the application. CF200 can be used to mount lights, shades etc in an insulated facade and for other purposed in which screw hold and


  • Vapor permeable – 5 perms at 1” thickness
  • Extremely load bearing – 500 PSI
  • High insulation value – R-3.1 per inch
  • Easy to screw, drill, saw, or mill
  • Resistant against moisture and frost – no swelling or shrinking
  • No long-term changes in dimensions and resistance
  • Lightweight material
  • Available in precise material thicknesses – saving time and money
  • Resistant to rot in humid conditions
  • Check specification sheet for more densities and sizes
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  • CompaCFoam Spec
  • CompaCFoam Spec
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