Self-adhered, monolithic weather resistive barrier/roof underlayment. Robust, vapor permeable, very waterproof and great cold weather performance.

ADHERO is a self-adhering, monolithic, vapor permeable membrane, durable weather resistive barrier or roof underlayment.


  • Unique monolithic, non-porous membrane that offers optimized vapor permeability
  • Reliable bonding on all standard construction materials thanks to excellent adhesive properties and full coverage with Pro Clima acrylic adhesive
  • ADHERO has an extremely high water resistance with a water column more than 33’ (10m)
  • Dimensions
    58″ x 98.5′ (480 sf)


  • Membrane Type: Self-Adhered
  • Perm Rating: 8 perms ALLOWS VAPOR DIFFUSION
  • Membrane Material: monolithic TEEE
  • UV/weather Resistance: 3 months for roof, 6 months for walls
  • Reference Downloads

  • Adhero Spec Sheet
  • ADHERO Install Guide
  • Adhero Spec Sheet
  • ADHERO Install Guide
  • Introduction to ADHERO
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