from $1.55 /unit
from $1.55 /unit

Product Specifications


PRESSFIX® is a tape application tool made from flexible plastic for uniform pressing of pressure activated adhesive tapes to substrates.


3" x 4"


  • The tool can be used to provide sufficient pressure to get the optimum bond with Pro Clima tapes. It will prevent your hands from getting sore and/or hot while rubbing down long stretches of tape.
  • Tool can be used to adhere TESCON PROFIL into 90-degree corners of window frame and airtight layer connections.
  • Used to apply even pressure to taut vapor retarding membranes (INTELLO PLUS or DB+) while adhering them with TESCON VANA.
  • Windproof or rainproof bonding overlap of the weather resistive barrier/housewrap (eg SOLITEX MENTO) with DUPLEX, EXTOSEAL or TESCON VANA.