November 21, 2012

Norwich University Solar Decathlon Entry Emerges

Norwich University’s effort in the 2013 Solar Decathlon, Delta-T-90, recently emerged from the factory in dramatic fashion on a clear brisk Vermont day – as shown on this news video from local NBC affiliate:

Click to watch video on WPTZ website

Showing off the stylish SOLITEX Mento 1000, the truly airtight, waterproof and vapor open WRB produced by Pro Clima – surrounding the mineral wool insulation with airtightness, at the exterior, and helping optimize performance in the competition and beyond – might make Batman envious.

Also visible are the penetrations for through-wall ventilation system E2 by Lunos and roof skylight by Fakro.  We look forward to window installations and airsealing with TESCON Profil tape and the following blower door tests.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with this project and the students who are making it happen on their blog.

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