Masonry Retrofit Smart Enclosure (DWG)

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Deep Energy Retrofit (DER): Historic Masonry, Climate Zones 4-8 (DWG Files)

CAD drawings can be cut, pasted, edited, and customized to form the basis of a complete approach to air sealing and vapor control required by your next high performance construction project.

Download DraftSight from Dassault Systèmes for free CAD software.

Disclaimer: The following drawings are diagramatic and are not intended for direct use. A professional architect, engineer, or builder must evaluate and customize per specific project requirements.


Today buildings should be energy efficient carbon sinks that quickly become carbon negative. The Smart Enclosure does this, maximizing climate impact, while providing affordable, healthy, safe and ecological assemblies.

The Smart Enclosure system isn’t a one size fits all prescription, but a range of strategies that can be made project and site specific. While the context may vary, the solutions strive to deliver these shared goals:

  • Lowered embodied carbon & Greater carbon sequestration
  • More natural materials & Lower toxicity
  • 100+ year durability with Smart vapor control and airtightness
  • Integration of enclosures into whole building design

The three tiers of the Smart Enclosure System are guide-posts to better understand the general effectiveness of one’s efforts at making a more sustainable building, and are not precise demarcations of success.