Pro Clima

Proclima-logoPro Clima is based in Germany and has been providing Intelligent airtight and windtight building solutions since 1981, with their products used in some of the most airtight constructions throughout Europe. They lead the field in the development and manufacture of Intelligent, high performance sealing systems for thermal insulation in construction.

The only way to achieve Passive House or high performance building standard is to ensure that a high level of airtightness is attained. That means designing and installing a continuous seal around the internal fabric of the external envelope to eliminate unwanted drafts. Once the airtight membrane is in place and sealed with Pro Clima’s durable tapes, seals and adhesives, it ensures that the insulation functions to its optimum performance, saving energy and drastically reducing carbon emissions for the lifetime of the building.

The Pro Clima airtight building systems offer an ‘Intelligent’ option, which differs greatly from conventional vapor barriers and vapor retarders, in which membranes become more vapor ‘diffusion open’ when required. This means that they have the ability to alter their diffusion resistance depending on the average relative humidity surrounding the vapor membrane, thus ensuring that interstitial condensation risk is minimized. Preventing mold, rot and damp in the assemblies and thus avoiding structural damage and protecting indoor air quality.

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