Pro Clima – Pro Clima is based in Germany and have been providing Intelligent airtight and windtight building solutions since 1981, with their products used in some of the most airtight constructions throughout Europe. They lead the field in the development and manufacture of intelligent, high performance sealing systems for thermal insulation in construction.  Click here to view our Pro Clima products, or learn more about the Pro Clima system.
Lunos – Lunos, located in Berlin, Germany, is a leader in energy-efficient decentralized heat recovery ventilation systems.  Click here to view our Lunos products, or view our Lunos Primer to learn more about decentralized heat-recovery ventilation.
Gutex – GUTEX has produced insulating fiber boards from wood for over 75 years. Today, GUTEX is a leader in innovative, environmentally-friendly manufacturing and is the only manufacturer to use a ‘dry’ manufacturing process which is capable of producing single-ply, highly compressive resistance, wood fiber board insulation in thicknesses up to 9.5 inches.  Click here to view our Gutex products, or read and watch our Introduction to Gutex
Lamilux – LAMILUX is one of Europe’s most established and experienced manufacturers of daylight systems and is one of the leading producers of fiber-reinforced composites in the world.  Click here to view our Lamilux products, or read the Lamilux Primer.
Havelock Wool – Havelock brings together leading minds in wool technology with those in alternative building products in order to build a truly renewable and sustainable alternative to traditional building insulation. Havelock Wool offers both batt and blow-in insulation made by New Zealand sheep. The extreme high integrity of a wool fiber allows it to out perform the synthetic competition with an exponentially decreased environmental impact. Read about the Smart Wall, using Havelock Wool.
Fakro – FAKRO was established in Poland in 1991 and has become the premier supplier of triple pane skylights for Passive House projects in the USA.  Click here to view our Fakro products.
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Lightway – Lightway, based in the Czech Republic, has been making “light pipes” – tubular skylights – and is a world leader in this energy efficient lighting solution.  Click here to view our Lightway products.