LUNOS RA 15-60 Exhaust Fan Kit

from $395.75 /unit
from $395.75 /unit

Product Specifications


Through wall exhaust fan with sound absorption. The Ra 15-60 is quiet exhaust ventilation fan with a sound absorption set for installation in 6″ Lunos tubes.


Exterior Diameter of Tube: 6 5/16” (160 mm)
Diameter of the Fan Unit: 5 7/8” (150 mm)
Tube length: 19 3/4” (500 mm)- can be cut down to any size


  • Provides continuous exhaust ventilation without the need for duct-work and is installed directly in the exterior wall
  • Very quiet operation


  • Ventilation rates: 9-18-35 CFM
  • Specific fan efficiency: 0.17 – 0.2 Wh/m3 (0.29 (W/cfm)
  • Filter: G3 (MERV 5) or optional pollen F5 (MERV 9-10)
  • Includes one controller. Up to 4 RA’s can be connected per each controller/transformer.
  • Installation sleeve included – can be pre-installed in wall before insulating/during construction