January 23, 2013

Lunos e2 Testimonials

As more Lunos e2 decentralized ventilation system are installed and used we will be collecting a growing list of customer reviews to share.

New and retrofit construction in Maine by Ecocor Design/Build’s Chris Corson:

This unit has become our go-to for retrofit applications. We even use this system in in new construction projects for whole house balanced mechanical ventilation. I installed four pair in a Passive House Retrofit of my own home as well, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed living with these babies. They are easy to install, they are quiet, the air quality is superb, and the heat recovery is impressive.

Retrofit application by Vermont resident Scott Hesser:

We are very happy with the performance of the Lunos E2.  The house is very tight and before the units went in we could easily smell what we had for dinner – four nights prior.  Things have greatly improved.  Aside from fresh air, the units have been very efficient.  There is no apparent cooling of the rooms and we never feel any sense of a draft.   The lower setting is perfect most of the time and if we are doing a lot of cooking, or have company over, I turn it up to high.

 We look forward to adding many more testimonials in the future and hope you’ll check back.   You can find out more about Lunos e2 here.

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