LUNOS ALD R160 Passive Air Inlet Kit

from $197.00 /unit
from $197.00 /unit

Product Specifications


Through wall controlled air inlet with sound absorption. The ALD-R160 is a passive air inlet with an automatic wind regulator, pressure based flow control, and high performance sound absorption set for installation in 6″ Lunos tubes.


Exterior Diameter of Tube: 6 5/16” (160 mm)
Diameter of the Fan Unit: 5 7/8” (150 mm)


  • It can provides filtered, fresh air at a controlled rate in milder climates, as well can be used to control airflow into the house in colder climates that use a hybrid system with e2’s, eGO and or RA 15-60 combinations
  • Very quiet operation
  • Can also be used as supply for make up air for dryers or kitchen hoods


  • The airflow it provides at 8pa pressure difference is:
    • 15 CFM (25m3/hr) without regulator
    • 12 CFM (20m3/hr) with regulator size enlarged
    • 9 CFM (15m3/hr) with as-is regulator
  • Set includes: installation tube, interior and exterior grilles with interior G3 filter, flow controlling regulator, wind pressure baffle, sound muffling insulation rings