Lightway Blue Performance

from $220.50 /unit
from $220.50 /unit

Product Specifications


Double pane insulation module for Lightway solar tubes. Adding this module to the Lightway LW 300 creates the ideal product for bringing daylight into Passive House projects. The double pane insulation module eliminates thermal bridges and condensation, ensures air tightness, and minimizes heat loss.


  • Combining this integrated, fully over-insulated double pane glass Blue Performance insulation break with the Lightway solar tube (purchased separately) eliminates the performance issues associated with conventional solar tubes
  • Reduces thermal bridges, heat loss, and condensation
  • Improves air tightness and creates the ideal product for bringing daylight into Passive Houses and high performance buildings
  • Made with CO2 blown XPS (low Global warming potential)

LW 300 - dome diameter 11 7/8"(300 mm)

Technical data with BP unit installed

  • Thermal resistance: U-value=0.105 BTU/sf*F – 0.6 W/(m2.K) – value of the whole system
  • Insulation glass: double layer glass 4-16-4 (Argon filled)
  • Thermal insulation: Polystyrene XPS
  • Thickness of thermal insulation: 4 3/4" (120 mm)

Included in each Lightway kit order

  • Blue Performance insulated unit 4 3/4" (120 mm) thick
  • Connector pieces to fit diffuser and pipe
  • Pipe extends 2 13/16" (72 mm) above and below insulation for easy installation