Lamilux FE Circular

from $4,653.00 /unit
from $4,653.00 /unit

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Product Specifications

The innovative insulated aluminum curved frame and hinge system of the LAMILUX FE Circular make it attractive to architects, designers and building owners alike. It is available with triple glazing and optimized SHGC. Fitted on a circular, thermal bridge free, fully insulated curb made of fiber-reinforced composite. LAMILUX’s thermal-bridge-free product lines provide maximum energy efficiency in an award-winning design.

Stock Dimensions

  • 35 7/16” (900mm)


  • The aluminum frame is fully insulated to mitigate thermal bridges and condensation at the interior
  • Triple pane glass and airtight construction minimizes sound transmission from the exterior
  • Triple pane glass and airtight construction also minimizes sound transmission from the exterior
  • Completely pre-assembled skylight solution mounted on an insulated curb for plug-and-play installation on any roof below 6:12 pitch
  • Customizable through motor operability, alternate glazing options and curb heights, and powder coating of skylight frames in color of your choice


  • Can be installed in roof pitches as low as 3°, >5° recommended to keep glass clean. Max roof pitch 25° (6:12 pitch)
  • Uglass: 0.6 W/m2K (0.105 BTU/hr.ft2.°F ) per EN 673
  • Upstand of 11 ¾” or 19 ¾” insulated with 2 3/8" PU foam
  • SHGC: 0.30 (as high as 0.49 or as low as 0.20 by special order)
  • Visual Transmittance: 0.60 (varies for alternate SHGCs)

Diameter Sizes (approx. opening sizes)

(All available sizes)
  • 35 7/16” (900mm) - stock
  • 39 3/8” (1000mm)
  • 47 1/4” (1200mm)
  • 59 1/16” (1500mm)
  • 70 7/8” (1800mm)
  • 78 3/4”(2000mm)
  • 86 5/8" (2200mm)

Standard curb height: 11.8” (300mm)

Optional 19.7” (500mm), with or without 5 degree built in slope

or 27.6" (700mm)