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WUFI Pro Analysis Details:

• Greater assurance of long-term durability and moisture risk
• Optimize assemblies for health, safety, and comfort
• Computer modeling combined with our team’s real-world experience
• Cost: $300 per assembly / $250 per hour for additional modifications
• Reduced cost available for 475 Advance Members

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475’s experienced technical team is ready to assist you with WUFI modeling and analysis for your assemblies.

WUFIsafeWUFI Pro software from Fraunhofer IBP has been proven to be an essential tool in designing high-performance buildings. The name “WUFI” is a German abbreviation for “Wärme und Feuchte Instationär”, meaning “heat and humidity transference.” WUFI simulations help to understand relative risk levels of different building assembly configurations under a variety of climatic conditions. This results in greater assurance of long-term durability and safety.

475’s technical team is lead by co-founder, Floris Keverling Buisman, an Oak Ridge National Laboratory / Fraunhofer IBP WUFI Pro Certified Trainer, and who has has been a co-presenter with Manfred Kehrer, the lead developer of WUFI Pro software. As with any design tool, proper usage is critical to finding results that are meaningful and helpful. A thorough understanding of the limits and capabilities of the simulations is essential for those using WUFI.

WUFI has been proven through comparative field tests on real buildings, ensuring that simulations correspond to real-world results. In addition to heat and moisture movement, WUFI can also realistically display the moisture content within individual component layers. Building professionals benefit from WUFI’s reliable analyses of the safety margins of constructions. Risk of moisture-related damage rises along with insulation levels and material choice. Users can easily select and exchange individual component layers within the software to compare the change of heat and moisture flows.

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