from $341.00 /roll
from $341.00 /roll
size 1-19 per pallet (20)
Short - 59" x 65' 7" $156.30 Contact for quote
Standard - 59" x 164' $341.00 Contact for quote
Double-wide - 118" x 164' $682.00 Contact for quote

Product Specifications



Air barrier, smart vapor control, and dense-pack reinforcement all in one. INTELLO Plus is the keystone to long-lasting airtightness and intelligent vapor control in walls and roofs.


1.5 m x 20 m (59” x 65' 7"); Roll area: 30 m2 (322 sf)
1.5 m x 50m (59" x 164') ; Roll area: 75 m2 (807 sf) 
3 m x 50 m (108” x 164') ; Roll area: 150 m2 (1614 sf) 


  • Vapor Variable: Low Class II vapor retarder in winter (<0.13 Perm), protects against condensation, and maximum vapor openness in summer (13.2 Perm) to facilitate rapid drying to the interior in summer. Protects the assembly during construction high humidity periods (>70% RH) with a DIN 68800-2 compliant, hydrosafe value of 1.6 perms
  • Works with wide range of insulation materials, including Gutex wood fiber and cellulose dense-pack, Havelock wool, stone wool, fiberglass, and many others. The semi-translucent material allows dense packed blown-in insulation to be inspected after installation
  • PHI Certified Class A Passive House Component
  • Pro Clima Intelligent Airtight system (TESCON VANA tape, ROFLEX gaskets etc) allows for fast, reliable installation
  • 10 year comprehensive Pro Clima warranty


  • Material:  polyethelyene copolymer protected by PP covers
  • Tensile strength: has mesh reinforcement for durable blown-in insulation
  • Permeability: VAPOR VARIABLE from 0.13 to over 13 perm – best in class (factor 100)
  • Class A material per ASTM E84 test (0 FS, 35 SDI)
  • Air permeance per ASTM E2178 0.0025 L/s*m2 (0.00005cfm/ft2)
  • UV/weather Resistance: minimize exposure to 10 days or less (or use INTELLO X when exposure cannot be prevented)