February 13, 2018

In the PHI Lab and In the Field: INTELLO Tests Tightest

Pro Clima’s INTELLO airtight system proven by Certification of the Passive House Institute and at the University of Northern British Columbia.

  • INTELLO Plus testing. Photo Credit: PHI

Airtight Passive House and high-performance building enclosures help make more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient buildings. The tighter the better. It can’t be repeated enough. It follows that to make an enclosure airtight, we must use airtight materials. Ergo, the tighter the material, the better.

To provide designers and builders with third-party quality assurance, the Passive House Institute (PHI) has started testing and certifying airtight materials and systems.

Material/System: Tightest Lab Test Results

passivhaus_en_produkte_webWe are proud to say that Pro Clima’s membrane and tape systems have not only met PHI’s rigorous standards for certification, but they tested tightest.

But it gets better.

And there’s more:

  • Pro Clima recently completed testing for their KAFLEX and ROFLEX penetration gaskets, which tested at 0.2 m3/(m h) – after all, it takes a system. Test report here.

Like chefs using fresh, high quality ingredients – with Pro Clima, building professionals are equipped with the best components to deliver the high-performance their craft depends on. ProClima and 475 are proud to offer three Certified Passive House components in North America that provide solutions and third party validation for all interior airsealing tapes, membranes to provide solutions for any condition.

On-Site: Tightest Canadian Building Test Results

Of course, it’s one thing to prove airtightness in the laboratory under controlled conditions: but does it translate to the job site, you ask? The ingredients are there to enable the best results, now with good training and team effort – like a great kitchen – amazing results are possible with every day’s work. The proof is in the pudding. As chef Gusteau’s famous motto in Ratatouille declares: “Anyone can cook.” And are they ever cooking in British Columbia!

Illustration: Santec Architecture

Illustration: Stantec Architecture

As reported by the Rocky Mountain Goat, a new building at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), in Prince George, hit 0.07 ACH50 – the tightest result recorded in Canada and beating Passive House limits by almost a factor of 10! A great example.

The building is the new 8,100SF Wood Innovation Research Laboratory (WIRL). It is a state-of-the-art facility where students, faculty members and researchers from UNBC’s Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design program will build and test large-scale integrated wood structures and engineered wood products.

Dr. Guido Wimmers, the Chair of the Master of Engineering in Integrated Wood Design at UNBC, has lead the effort, working closely with Stantec Architecture and IDL Projects. 475’s Western Regional Manager, Lucas Johnson, was honored to work in support of their efforts through the design and construction process. And we’re gratified at the critical role INTELLO Plus is playing, not only in hitting amazing airtightness levels, but in assuring student comfort, a healthy indoor environment, and freedom from moisture damages for the next 100 years.

Congratulations, UNBC WIRL team!


PS – You can do it too.

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