September 9, 2016

In The News: Home Performance Industry using Intello Plus


This video shows how Penobscot Home Performance uses INTELLO Plus for high performance energy efficiency improvements

A new energy efficiency rebate offered to homeowners in Bangor, Maine has been getting some press. And cutting edge home performance contractors are carving out a high performance niche in the competitive energy efficiency market.

INTELLO Plus for Home Performance Retrofits

One such contractor is Penobscot Home Performance, based in Bucksport, ME. They apply INTELLO Plus and other high performance airtight products from 475 to help homeowners earn incentives and rein in energy costs. A favorite techniques involves using INTELLO at attic knee walls for airtightness, vapor control, and netting for dense-pack cellulose – all in one step. Knee walls on Cape-style homes are one of the most common targets for performance improvements because they’re ripe for air leaks that waste energy and contribute to roof moisture damage. INTELLO Plus, taped with TESCON Vana,  allows contractors to easily achieve continuous airtightness along the roof  plane, thereby shifting the insulation to the roof and bypassing the knee wall entirely. A nice added benefit is that the conditioned interior space behind the knee wall becomes useful for storage or mechanical equipment.

penobscotINTELLO is the optimal solution because its smart vapor control helps to keep the roof dry – by stopping interior moisture from moving outward and allowing inward drying.

Check out this story from WABI-TV 5 News Bangor  to hear Penobscot’s Matt Damon discuss his use of INTELLO on a roof retrofit.

For their home performance work, Damon says “we do both the audits as well as the upgrades and are a ‘one-stop’ home performance shop. This is our 8th year in business and we’ve seen fairly steady growth thus far.” They also have new construction projects in the mix. Damon adds “we’re also nudging our new construction customers to use [INTELLO Plus].” They added a web page to inform customers about the benefits.

Maine Rebate Programs

There are a couple rebate programs available. Efficiency Maine (state-wide) has incentives up to $5000 for insulation, air sealing, and heating system upgrades. On July 1, the City of Bangor launched the EnergySmart Bangor program which offers rebates up to $1,700 on insulation, air sealing, and efficient heating systems.

Damon points out that the homeowner in the TV spot received incentives totaling $1,540 ($1,000 was Efficiency Maine and $540 from Bangor) off the cost of a heat pump, knee wall Intello and insulation, and basement air sealing. Damon writes: “I helped the Bangor City Council craft the [EnergySmart Bangor] program – which I’m quite proud of!”

Penobscot Home Performance’s mission statement is right in step with these incentive programs:

“Our mission is to help you transform your home into a healthy, safe, comfortable, and energy efficient place to live while helping build a more sustainable and secure energy future in the state of Maine. Our broad skill in assessing, explaining and completing projects that dramatically improve the comfort and energy performance of homes and commercial spaces is unmatched in Penobscot County and beyond. We’re proud of the work we do and are inspired by the homeowners we meet who make the decision to plan and put a little more into the place they call home.”

Visit Penobscot Home Performance for more info.

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