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from $150.00 /bag
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Product Specifications



Havelock blow-in sheepswool insulation can be installed as loose fill in attics, as well as densepacked behind INTELLO Plus or netting in walls, floors and cathedral ceilings. Made from high quality wool in USA.

Sheep have been adapting to severe climatic environments for thousands of years. Over such time, their wool has evolved to offer protection from the elements of each season – hot and cold; damp and dry. Simultaneously, man has come to understand the benefits of wool and created numerous applications for its inherent advantages. Wool’s five follicles and natural crimp, trap air, moisture and harmful chemicals so as to improve air quality while keeping warmth inside during winter and outside over the summer months. Wool is a natural insulator but only minimally applied to living spaces – until now.

Bag content

25 lbs
R-Value Bag Requirements Max Coverage Min Installed Thickness
thermal resistance of: bags per 1000 sqft 25lbs bag shall not cover more than (sq ft.) Minimum thickness (in)
15 13 76 3.5
24 21 47 5.6
38 33 30 8.9
45 40 25 10.5
50 44 23 11.7


  • All natural, wool insulation is reneable and sustainably grown
  • Moisture buffering: wool absorbs and release moisture, for a pleasant interior climate if installed inside of the airbarrier/service cavity
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Noise reduction: wool creastes acoustic advantages in minimizing airborne sound
  • Installation: no itching or irritation during installation, unlike other common insulation materials
  • Disposal: wool insulation can be reused or composted at end of the extended useful life
  • Havelock contains 8% boric acid, as flame retardant and insecticide


  • Densepack R-value: 15.3 at 3.5” (4.4/inch)
  • Densepack density: 1.1lbs/CF
  • Material: New Zealand wool
  • Permeability: Very vapor open
  • Fire protection: ASTM E84 – class A
  • Coverage per bag

• 75 sq ft in 2×4 framing
• 47 sq ft in 2×6 framing