Gutex Thermosafe homogen
Foam free rigid insulation board made from moisture resistant wood fibers. >>Read More

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Foam free rigid insulation board made from moisture resistant wood fibers. High quality single-ply construction, butted or rebated edges and homogeneous cross section make the board water resistant, highly insulative and windtight.


  • R- 3.9 per inch (U-value 0.037 W/mK)
  • Perm rating:44 per inch
  • Acts as compression resistive bulk insulation under ULTRATHERM, MULITHERM or MULTIPLEX TOP cover boards/WRBs or roofunderlayments
  • Maximum amount of wood – 95.5% – 4% PU adhesive and 0.5% paraffin.

    Note: THERMOSAFE-WD80 is higher compression strength WD version, insulation value 0.039W/mK – R-11.7. Can be used under WRB’s (SOLITEX MENTO) and rainscreen/roof strapping – without cover boards (ULTRATHERM/MULTITHERM/MULTIPLEX TOP over it).

    The consistently uniform board dimensions make installation quick and easy, combined with its superior moisture resistance due to hydrophobic treatment (1.0% paraffin). This means that by adding this board on the exterior, the building has a temporary roof and is weather, wind protected in one step.

    The dry process, means that the boards contain 94.5% wood, and maximizes the use of this sustainable, recyclable natural resource. It is made in Germany and biologically safe (natureplus® certified), and contains only 4% binder (polyurethane). The board is ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation of existing structures, since it is vapor open , insulative and reduces thermal bridging. Furthermore it’s exceptional specific heat capacity, can help keep the building cool during hot summer days.

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