December 10, 2014

Get your FREE 475 eBook: High Performance Historic Masonry Retrofits

image for blog475 is proud to now offer a free beta version of our first eBook. High Performance Historic Masonry Retrofits is a comprehensive look at the materials and details required to make masonry building transformations a success. We lay out all the details necessary for optimizing building airtightness, vapor control, and continuous insulation.

There are detailed chapters on the walls, roofs, cellars and penetrations; from wires to windows & doors, fully illustrated with 2-D and 3-D drawings as well as job site photographs.

2d detailRenovating our historic masonry buildings to high-performance standards should be a win-win proposition – for the occupants, four our cities and for the climate. We hope this book puts the possibility of historic preservation and energy efficiency within your reach and serve as a guide for all members of your team.

We have 2 options available at this time:

  1. Download a free eBook version
  2. Order your hardcopy version

Find them both in our Quality Control section.


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